for Pat deCaro on election day

to ward off anxiety: [strange, to me, how some interpret this image as ‘personal’. rather than simply and genuinely dialogical. what does that say about specifically ‘american’ culture? which compared to other nations, is, on the whole, aesthetically highly ignorant.] but given ‘american’ viewers, then, i’ll impatiently point out that the following image addresses neither myself nor pat deCaro. it’s a bit of philosophical/psyshoanalytic screed i suppose. it could be entitled, to Socrates, but that would be interpreted in the US of Assholism, as pretentious, now wouldn’t? rather than a genuine political/psychoanalytic/economic/socialist truth?

graphically, visually, the above is a bit difficult to sort. and i guess i’ve not worked out yet, how to display them. but they were conceived as related but independent works – there are more of them. designed but not yet physical. i’m imagining that they are large, filling a white box space on separate walls, or grouped, very widely, on one huge wall…

i want to make them like the rest of the work i’ve been doing. out of wood and paint. but it does seem a bit ‘overworked’ to do that when they could simply be printed given how conceptual they are. not sure.

i’d love to know your opinion on that.

breaking pearodox decorum here… but then, that’s the right thing to do.

for Pat deCaro on election day

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