asaf avidan

Asaf Avidan (born March 23, 1980) is an Israeli singer-songwriter. From 2006 to 2011, he was part of the group Asaf Avidan & the Mojos, independently releasing three studio albums.

In a March 2015 interview conducted by French newspaper Le Monde, Avidan stated: “I don’t really feel Israeli. As Israelis, what unites us is the fear. We are always the persecuted, and that is why I am no longer interested in living in Israel, to not feel that fear”. The singer’s statement sparked controversy and received widespread commentary and media attention in Israel, prompting Avidan to respond by saying: “In every interview I gave from the first second I always said I am not an Israeli artist, but an artist from Israel. I am not coming to represent Israel. I am not a politician. I am not a diplomat. And as a son to diplomats I never wanted to be one.”


[it’s truly extraordinary what some consider, ‘controversial’.]

asaf avidan

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