Of course, when has

the wealthy entertainment elite, from the beatles to lady gaga or whoever one might name, backed the politics of their lyrics with a single dime? many of them are in fact, tax evaders and only spend money on centrist politics at best. one can name a handful who support charities, or become cultural ambassadors, like Angelina Jolie for William Hague, former minister of state under Cameron’s Tory government. Or Bono’s questionable charity activities in Africa. Or the DiCaprio Foundation charity. All worthy endeavors no doubt. And, all safe ventures relative to any Hollywood political fallout.

however, just imagine if even a small percentage of their collective wealth were put to the same purpose as the koch brothers? for even liberal political causes, not to mention genuinely progressive or genuinely left causes.

now, imagine what power cultural consumers have, should they decide to boycott the cultural elite?

the cultural elite are politically compromised, and like Tom Cruise, stash their cash in tax free off shore accounts, and are therefore, basically hypocrites. they don’t give a shite, in practice, about those they sing about. or perform in movies for. they all rake in millions and millions and live the lives of billionaires. along with them. so the ‘politics’ they entertain us with, is just that, entertainment, part of the cultural industry complex, as Adorno and Horkeimer called it. just as the obamas spend their holidays with the likes of Virgin billionaire, richard branson, in bromance, while presenting themselves as ‘progressives’. Meanwhile, delivering TOO BIG TO FAIL global economics, the debacle of housing foreclosures, forgiving the Bush administrations torture policies, while ramping up his policy of extrajudicial assassinations by drone warfare. etc etc.

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Of course, when has

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