hinge – by david goldberg

Ever since her antherium crotch video for Hide FKA Twigs has been my hero. For me, this video has always been a logical conclusion to D’Angelo’s Untitled (How Does It Feel?) Superficial differences in gender, musical and vocal style, production values and presumed audience are irrelevant. One flows into the other along paths that erode femininity and masculinity, not by logic, but by the constrained relationships between body-camera movements and the songs. Compared to today’s high definition, high frame-rate anatomic bounces and jiggles, their motions are minimalist. This, combined with highly emotive vocal performances creates a seductive suspense, one along the sultry but direct lines of a Prince ballad and the other along the more fragmented routes of broken beats, dub-mixed vocals and detuned samples. Both of their bodies are “there for you,” but each holds  something back in a way that is somehow brazen. You will never see D’Angelo’s package, while Twigs caresses the hermaphroditic flower between her legs in a gesture of profound misdirection.



hinge – by david goldberg

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