musical consciousness across borders 3: and associated sculptural events by John Roloff: hinge

George Lewis has long been active in creating and performing with interactive computer systems, most notably his software called Voyager, which “listens to” and reacts to live performers. Vijay Iyer’s 1998 dissertation, Microstructures of Feel, Macrostructures of Sound: Embodied Cognition in West African and African-American Musics, applied the dual frameworks of embodied cognition and situated cognition to music.

and to recall from previous posts:

the following is also by Vijay Iyer:

and to recall from previous posts: the sculptural work of John Roloff:


as john as written about this work:

In Metabolism and Mortality/O2, the oculus image has transformed into molecular status, outward vision is now subsumed by an inward looking devotion to geo-chemical/thermodynamic processes and history.

Sited along what was the of the drip line and furthest lateral extent of a large, now dead beech tree on the Tyler campus are the project’s two principal elements: the Furnace and the Greenhouse. These two instruments symbolically represent the beech tree’s past life and current death systems on a macro-molecular level and as an elemental protagonist in the larger narrative of the work. Furnace and Greenhouse were envisioned as ions of an oxygen molecule (O2) separated by the primal and arboreal forces of entropy and dissolution but are still united and activated by similar thermal processes: the Furnace by ignition of fossil fuels developed by the photosynthesis of sunlight in ancient forests and their subsequent geologic distillation, and the Greenhouse by the collection and entrainment of contemporary solar energy. The solar heat within the Greenhouse is measured differentially from the outside atmosphere by it’s internal thermometers (a span of as much as 50o F. between the inner and outer environments has been noted).


musical consciousness across borders 3: and associated sculptural events by John Roloff: hinge

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