chronotopology: dance/music/poetic commitment to the ‘avant-garde’ – excerpts

documentation of merce cunningham’s solo, Changeling, circa 1953

cunningham/cage in holland: excerpt from 50′ piece.

the beginning of my long term research into vanderbeek, cunningham’s work, Variation V, 1965/66: short excerpt:

documentary on ‘chronotopology’ = spacetime; though the participants refer to space and time, and as cunningham best articulates, is a matter of relating space and time, and though considered separately, the result is their inseparable fusion.

much more recent: Pond Way 1998, excerpt: sound = Eno; stage set = Roy Lichtenstein


the most brilliant of the classical avant-garde pianists/performers for 40 years or more: david tudor: rainforest, a work as great in the music world as… as any other great work in any medium. my friend paul demarinis, a student of tudor’s, has been one of the musicians included in this work since its inception since he helped create it. whenever it’s performed, paul is among the musicians. this work was the sound for one of cunningham’s dances of the same name.


chronotopology: dance/music/poetic commitment to the ‘avant-garde’ – excerpts

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