in preparation for a dinner at B & M’s

the usefulness of this ‘blog’, which really is a journal that has absolutely no thematic direction, by design, is that i can stir up trouble. but only when stirring up such ‘trouble’ has a purpose. or rather, purposes. in this case, it’s to pit two very well prepared sparing partners to achieve there best. there will be two mostly quiet witnesses for the event, not because they seek refuge, or because they don’t have thoughts of their own, but because they don’t wish in any way to dilute the main event.

the stakes are the small issues of ‘modernism’ and ‘art’. because this blog-journal is public, i’ll leave names out it, so readers can be peer reviewers to aid their anonymous judgments blindly, as is the rule of the game in the game of academia. as an anonymous blogger myself, i suspend all judgment as a matter of course.

below, i include images of works by B and L, the two debaters. i also include images by M as a reference point; and for myself, well, this blog-journal offers plenty.

so as not to privilege either the work of B or L, i alternate images  of their sculptural works, that i’ve selected not randomly, and neither have i selected them because i think they are the best works of each artist. i’ve selected them because i think they fairly represent the ‘aesthetic’/’poetic’ orientations and ambitions of both artists, while making a fair comparison.

note 1: B is a sculptor and a painter and thinker; but L, as an artist, [L is also a lacanian psychoanalyst and writer], has only made sculpture. so i will  include only B’s sculptural work.

note 2: in order to not privilege one artist over the other, i’ve not altered the quality of the images below, and i’ve deleted the dates of when the works were created.

this all sounds serious, but in case it’s not obvious, it’s meant in the spirit of irony and jest, in keeping with the spirit of lively debate and friendship. as well as in the spirit of complete seriousness. 🙂



L – untitled




L – untitled


work by M: i’ve not deleted the dates of M’s work because i can’t obscure the dates of my posts. and i have altered the images a bit in terms of brightness and saturation.

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 12.57.14 AMScreen Shot 2018-03-07 at 12.57.47 AM



in preparation for a dinner at B & M’s

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