well then? how now? whose ‘voice’ ‘defends’ ‘society’?

and, when? and by what means?

for kathy and stanley

might a pie factory in a remote part of New Mexico do that?

there are at least 2 reasons to make a ‘pilgrimage’ to southwestern New Mexico:

1: to see walter de maria’s lightning field.

2. to go to Pie Town to participate in the Pie Festival

5. to visit sites of the Zuni, not as tourists, but as witnesses

9. because it will help anyone understand that the southwest of the US is extraordinary and troubled, not more than other parts of the US, but because the clash of voices ‘defending’ territory, not society, is so great there.

11. my recommendation is to choose #2.

why? it’s simple. because the Pie Factory is an extraordinary model for bringing people together in the midst of today’s unfortunate anti-societal proclivities. and while there, it’s easy to go to # 1, #5, and # 9.

is a pie a political mechanism by which ‘society’ can be defended? no doubt, because what is more american than apple pie? or pumpkin? or cherry? or any of the hundreds of other varieties served there?

of course, it’s not about ‘pie’. it’s about the festival of pies. hablar nada sobre politicos. just eat pie and mix with those you might never mix with.

and if politics come up, well, speak your slice of the pie. gently. in the form of: well, what i think about that is… and you might disagree, but that’s okay. even if you think it’s not okay. what type of pie are you eating? why? well, i prefer… because…

you’ll have to find your way one bite at a time.

if you think i’m kidding, see: what they serve is a rare thing: societal pleasure in the spirit of what was once, pie-o-neering.






well then? how now? whose ‘voice’ ‘defends’ ‘society’?

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