more M.D. D’Anjou

‘our’ situation, the world’s, today, has been entirely predictable. trump has been the end game since 1980. who’s to blame? D’Anjou sent the following to WRO, in 2011, but it was rejected. because blind review failed him… i have decided to post his prescient Failed States, here. were he still working today, he might rename this piece, after Bannon, Deconstructing the regulatory State – a how to. DIY ultra-right Kock conservatism… Given that that is the case, when will the middle class liberal-left wake up to the fact that they are at war? Wake up to the fact that war is being waged against them? And understand that it is in fact, a war? Foucault predicted this. More on that also.



more M.D. D’Anjou

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