musical influences for noah, part 1

i was a wee lad when i first heard this around 1974 or so. still in high school. it was then that shifted from rock to jazz, that, and the other momentus musical moment for me, was hear the band, oregon, with ralf towner. and john mclaughlin, among a few others, formed my musical imaginary. these 3 albums in particular. i should be embarrassed by the new ageism, but i’m definitely NOT. it hasn’t effected my conversion to atheism… 🙂

i was there…. sort of. long story. in 1972 i was 15, one of the few high school age pot heads in Maine…. or anywhere probably, and part of a hippie exodus from the haight ashbury who happened to ‘drop out’ in my home town of waterville…. as i said, long story… i was a vegetarian buddhist in those days…. at 15… interesting to re-listen to this. i still love it.

right, then there was john mclaughlin’s mahavishnu orchestra, acid jazz, also 1972..

yeah, so it was all down hill from there…

but… i also heard james cotton…. in waterville maine… not to mention dick gregory, but that’s another track entirely…  🙂

musical influences for noah, part 1

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