mack the knife

and, a very recent performative version with a long interlude: which is truly and amazingly brilliantly reappropriated, and, reconsidered: it should be noted that steenberge collaborates here with the duo, radical 2. yet, it seems that radical 2 collaborates with steenberge.




mack the knife

paul sharits

jeffrey skoller will be unhappy that i’m posting this visually inferior and low quality version of sharits’ remarkable work. and he’s right to be. don’t be fooled by ubuweb. it’s still digital. compressed, and not at all of the quality of the original materiality, including, being in a public space to view it collectively. so anyone reading this would do well to either seek out jeffrey’s classes at UCB, or hope to see it sometime in it’s original medium/context. it may not seem like it, but this is a direct response to the two previous posts. i learned this from jeffrey.

AND: you must commit to seeing it from beginning to end. for 33 mins. so sit back in a comfortable place to view it on as large a screen as possible.


paul sharits

faux marxism – subtexts


protest is enough: get out on the street and feel good.

‘rebel’ against the executive orders.

but do nothing to really militantly challenge the militancy of trump/bannon. not to mention the entire history of the US, including obama’s.

that’s liberalism.

that’s america.

faux seriousness.

meanwhile, in syria, in palestine, in yemen, in iran, in the other five countries banned by trump?

there, they die. they fight violently, against the US. rightly so.

it’s the non-americans who are fighting for america… US tax dollars are used to kill them.

it’s the non-americans who are fighting for the american liberals who refuse to fight for them. and, against mega-US military dollars and machines and violence.  against, american led capital.

US protests, are not much more, in that relative context, than, self satisfaction at feeling good about expressing nothing more than a mere opposition to mass killing.

the palestinians, in the meanwhile, are dying for americans.  as are the yemenians. etc etc.

faux marxism is nothing more than the crude communism marx called out as early as the communist manifesto.








faux marxism – subtexts