the american ‘left’ and the illusion of democracy

the american left is a lost cause. it’s lost to some fantasy of ‘protest.’ while, the UK left is lost to it’s equivalent – that ‘socialism’ a la corbyn can rise up again.

meanwhile, syriza which for a while held such promise, ignominiously capitulated to the the diktats of the EU’s unelected  cabal of economists and bureaucrats under the control of goldman sachs, the world bank, an the international monetary fund, to the dark GATT court, and in general, to the control of friedman’s theorized, neoliberal, ann rand type, corporate power, the head of which is  big oil, now literally embodied as the secretary of state in the US, the result of a simple social darwinist fiat.

‘democracy’ has long been dead in the water, in fact, it was only ever still born. it has never been anything other than a fantasy kept in play only in order to control the empty machinery that has always only ever given cover to the lack of it, in practice. ‘democracy’, as a game,  has taken it’s most modernly blatant form in israel – ‘democracy’ is a cover for peace under the guise of a highly exploitative and lucrative war machine directed against a small and powerless people. so all capitalist elite in control of their client states are reflected in its image, and thus cannot condemn it for it’s blatant genocidal/apartheid practices. ‘we’ has never been democratic. the illusion of ‘democracy’ has always only ever been a means by which to control taxes that are then siphoned off to fill the pockets of the rich, made global policy by friedman’s theorizing of a pure market-state, free of political control, which has been dubbed, ‘deregulation’, and which has now given rise to the ‘thug state’ on a global scale. ironically, there is no doubt that the election in the US of donald trump is far better than the election of hilary clinton. she would have done nothing but maintain the illusion that democracy was still extant. while the election of trump has been inevitable, as inevitable as  the false concepts that has kept liberalism alive. just as marx predicted, that the rise of the bougeosie was a positive overcoming of feudalism. so trump’s crass authoritarianism and blanket thuggery makes clear what the capitalist system really is – pure exploitation of the great cash of trillions of taxpayers money. capitalism is now pure, rapacious anti-socialism, unmasked. that is, capitalism is now pure socialism masquerading as the ultimate exploitative system C-M-C, at the extreme of an eviscerated M-C-M. capital today, has achieved its most historically pure form, to date, AS, socialism in it’s most alienated form. capitalism today, IS, socialism for the extremely wealthy. capitalism is a machine that produces the wealth not of nations, but merely for the maintenance of less than a few thousand. the rest are literally slaves. the entire left professoriate are slaves, indebted to banks and enslaved to institutions in which they don’t believe. but they will rarely acknowledge this since they live in million dollar houses and make half million dollar combined salaries.

this entry is a draft, but i’m going to post it anyway, because while not argued as well as it should be, i need to sleep. and i’m posting it anyway, at the cost of friendships, i suspect. but ‘truth’ must be told. i learned this from nietzsche.

england was once a state that believed in giving all its citizens, housing, health care, and education, for free or low cost. it attempted to do that until 2008, and accomplished that to a great degree. until 2008, the general citizenry assumed those conditions as rights. after 2008, the UK americanized and lost that sense of just equality on those three fronts. and, lost far more, including its humanity, by imitating the friedman-esque, ann rand vision of life dominant in the US. i witnessed this happen, up close, over a decade. well, this isn’t quite accurate. thatcher began to undermine these three ‘rights’ in 1980, and made great inroads on doing that. and blair continued her agenda. and they both were very successful in that. but the resistance to that was still strong when i arrived in 2007. education was still basically free then. as was health care. and the aspiration for housing was then still alive, even though the real possibility was low in urban centers, and thatcher has initiated the selling off of council flats. so i’m only trying to distinguish between the states hostility to its citizens, and the expectations of those same citizens – and say a bit about the difference between the political consciousness of UK citizens, and the lack there of of those in the US who have never been much more than consumers. US subjects have never really been ‘citizens.’ while UK subjects once were.

therefore, the ‘left’ in the US has little political consciousness based on expectations other than a consciousness of consumerism; while in the UK, there is at least a residual consciousness based on citizenship. again, my analysis is overly simplistic. but it isn’t entirely wrong.



the american ‘left’ and the illusion of democracy

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