afrofuturism and accleratism….

marx and the trouble he himself has caused… generatively: and the problem of the definition of ‘class’.

1. C-M- C


2. M-C-M:

1. = the power structure which keeps proles proles

2. = the power structure which keeps the bourgeoisie the bourgeoisie….

remember marx’s definitive definition of capital:

the complete form of capital =

capitalist M-C-M happens when, and only when, M = M’ = M + delta M = surplus value.

3. only those who are able to ‘participate’ in the generation of M’ can be considered capitalists. everyone else is a non-capitalist, by definition. and we are the vast majority. therefore, the proletariat, the working class, are all those who are unable to generate M’. therefore… and this is the force of the history of consciousness – ‘politics’ means cohering ‘us’ proles in a common cause, because we all inhabit the same oppressed class, no matter how much money we do or don’t make, relative to the so called, 1%.

4. IF, therefore, those of us who have no access to generating M’, begin to understand that, then we should reasonably come to together to fight against the generators of M’.

as a kind of seque to culture, i submit the following in response to our reading group:

the posts below comes from mackenzie wark’s recent article on the topic, @ []  which i find annoying in many ways, [having once been a student of cyborgism and haraway], but which does do the job of remembering important left out historical moments in the history of music…  a bit of which i’ve included below. and thanks goes to gerrie van noord for sending this on to me. [] and thus all the more reason to be reading in depth, capital, cover to cover, thanks to michael c.


and when you have 3 hours…. and, the least that we can do is take 3 hours… which many of us have never have had… to even re-listen to what we already know.

afrofuturism and accleratism….

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