Trump’s ‘inauguration’ in laural canyon’s pandora box: a distanced ‘truth’ – zappa is more homer than the false ‘dylan’.

zappa again and again…


a pop rendition illustrated by fans:

the ‘classification’ of zappa…

and one version an intelligent popularization:

and one example of his widespread influence:

Počátky The Plastic People of the Universe

the point being: how influential he was. zappa was classical/rock/punk/theater/etc. like no other. he eschewed categories. he was brechtian and artaudian and himself.but mostly, he was one of the best critical prophets of ‘america’. he’s nietzcheian…

and another widespread brilliant rendition:

Plastic People of the Universe-Podivuhodný Mandarin

and, the ‘original’ again…

performance is one version… then there are the recordings… rock/jazz/punk/industrial is the result:

and then… the blend… using his band in the long tradition of medley. anyone who knows music will hear how extraordinary this work is. including this work’s politics. it was ‘postmodern’ before that term was available. zappa should have won the noble prize for literature. far more than dylan.

the more palatable king kong…

and then there is this spectacular german version:

the kinder version: and a refusal: and deliberate offense: and… superb musicality – the refusal to conform, as critique – the multiplicities of king kong – if listeners can hang in there:

and then…

even boulez conducted zappa. to come soon. meanwhile:

Trump’s ‘inauguration’ in laural canyon’s pandora box: a distanced ‘truth’ – zappa is more homer than the false ‘dylan’.

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