to the several who have read and commented: the burning hydrant


roman de salvo

an apology: i’m new to the blogosphere, and haven’t worked out the tech completely. earlier today i somehow found a link to ‘comments’, which i didn’t know existed. and i haven’t been able to find my way back to that link… before anyone thinks i’m not tech savvy, i want to reassure you that i was, once.

once upon a time: i ‘was there’ in 84 in SF when digital tech entered the university for the first time. about 10 years before john perry barlow’s very naive declaration of independence of cyberspace, which i opposed at that time in a publication in an obscure, ‘university’-specific publication, in an article called: Technophilia vs. Technophobia. It was around that same time i curated a small show that was  meant to challenge the term, ‘cyberspace’, which seemed to me was an unfortunate technophiliac interpretation of gibbson’s far more challenging, distopic coinage. barlow, i suppose it should be said, went on to redeem his naivety by cofounding the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which today is a very important organization waging major battles to keep the internet ‘independent’.

but back to my intent in this post: so, i’m new to the blog format/tech, and have yet to figure out a few things. this blog is meant to be a non-blog, i suppose, and non-public. so i haven’t attempted to work out all the bell and whistle possibilities. i’ll attempt to get more up to speed on the tech in the new year, as it suits me.

but i do want to thank those of you who have paid attention to my blog dadadata/datadada sensibility. particularly to michael s. moore, peter cyote, gerrie van noord, and alf loehr. if i could find your comments, i would certainly respond….







to the several who have read and commented: the burning hydrant

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