recalibration 1.2

cornel west vs. bernie sanders on the possibility of reform:

As Debord has put it:

One must not introduce reformist illusions about the spectacle, as if it could be eventually improved from within, ameliorated by its own specialists under the supposed control of a better-informed public opinion. To do so would be tantamount to giving revolutionaries’ approval to a tendency, or an appearance of a tendency, in a game that we absolutely must not play; a game that we must reject in its entirety in the name of the fundamental requirements of the revolutionary project, which can in no case produce an aesthetics because it is already entirely beyond the domain of aesthetics. The point is not to engage in some sort of revolutionary art-criticism, but to make a revolutionary critique of all art.[i]

hydrant fire, by roman de salvo [below]

i’ve used roman’s brilliant image-act, hydrant fire, not as an ‘illustration’, but as a visual-act analogue, for the developing ‘theory’ of this blog. and as with all theories, they are works in progress, and thus need revisiting, which requires a certain amount of repetition. and i’ve also suggested that stein’s theory of repetition, which implies a continuous encounter with difference, is equally significant.

such is the nature/knowledge/guesses/necessities of pearodox. and of, provocation.

the dirty three and/or the new dream machine

do follow up on cornel west by viewing the following, which was posted on youtube, but then taken down within a few hours… where west expresses his view that the US, and the world, is now ‘neo-fascist’:

recalibration 1.2

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