linda fleming’s husband: demockery

i began my previous post with a reference to the person who coined the term, ‘demockery’, the artist husband of artist linda flemming. i’ve met linda’s husband only twice even though she was a colleague of mine for several years. that may seem strange, but the reasons for that are part of linda’s husband’s compelling story. on the one hand. on the other, those two brief meetings with linda’s husband left a big impression on me, because he was that rare thing: a man of conviction with radical politics who chose to live them. IF one really believes that we live in a demockery, and one doesn’t have the public, symbolically branded persona of a NFL quarterback, what can one do? linda’s husband chose to live outside that system, while reflecting on it in his work as some artists do, and ultimately, to turn a desert landscape into a wildlife refuge. among other things, including continuing to make art.

this is an initial post, to be updated with better quality and more images and more of an account of linda’s husband. and, of linda.


Linda’s husband has allowed me to publish this material on this condition:

“Anyway, thinking on credit for “demockery” [now more than ever, and also, probably, the subtitle, which was “With Liberty and Justice for Oil”] I’d go with what you have already, as my name would actually credit somebody who already has enough, i.e. the fat Michael Moore.  So “Linda Fleming’s husband” [third husband, actually] does just fine.”

if, ‘post-truth’ can be voted the most significant new addition to the OED, then surely, ‘demockary’ should be too. so, let’s spread the term to make sure it makes it in, in the next round.

linda fleming’s husband: demockery

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