As the left capitulates to the right: see previous post

as history regresses to the 1930s, because the 2008 ‘great recession’ was worse than the ‘depression’ of 1929: was worse because economic inequality is even worse now than it was then: because, obama and his kind has supported at every turn that historical trajectory: because, obama was elected by ‘progressives’ who bought into his lies and false rhetoric; because of that, because of his support for bankers and his support against the poor, the disenfranchised, the environment, children, etc. etc. he is responsible for trump. to which, michelle as his compelling mediating side-kick, who capitulated to put on his administration a soft, emotional touch, to which she agreed, as the erotic, fashionable first black lady:


michelle obama photos sexy hot

perhaps michelle is the cause of 53% of white women voting for trump?

Michelle Obama And Barack Obama Relationship president obama says he ...

remember lucille ball, and note wikipedia’s many uncertainties:


Lucy & Desi, Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz, LIFE archives.

Testimony before the House Committee on Un-American Activities

When [Lucille] Ball registered to vote in 1936, she listed her party affiliation as Communist.[56] (She was registered as a Communist in 1938 as well.)[57] In order to sponsor the Communist Party‘s 1936 candidate for the California State Assembly‘s 57th District, Ball signed a certificate stating, “I am registered as affiliated with the Communist Party.”[58] The same year, she was appointed to the State Central Committee of the Communist Party of California, according to records of the California Secretary of State. In 1937, Hollywood writer Rena Vale, a self-identified former Communist, attended a Communist Party new members’ class at Ball’s home, according to Vale’s testimony before the United States House of Representatives‘ Special Committee on Un-American Activities, on July 22, 1940.[59] Two years later, Vale affirmed this testimony in a sworn deposition:

Within a few days after my third application to join the Communist Party was made, I received a notice to attend a meeting on North Ogden Drive, Hollywood; although it was a typed, unsigned note, merely requesting my presence at the address at 8 o’clock in the evening on a given day, I knew it was the long-awaited notice to attend Communist Party new members classes … on arrival at this address I found several others present; an elderly man informed us that we were the guests of the screen actress, Lucille Ball, and showed us various pictures, books and other objects to establish that fact, and stated she was glad to loan her home for a Communist Party new members class.

—Affidavit of Rena M. Vale, November 23, 1942. Joint Fact-Finding Committee on Un-American Activities in California.

In a 1944 British Pathé newsreel, titled Fund Raising for Roosevelt, Ball was featured prominently among several stage and film stars at events in support of President Franklin D. Roosevelt‘s fundraising campaign for the March of Dimes.[60] She stated that in the 1952 US Presidential Election, she voted for Republican Dwight Eisenhower.[61]

On September 4, 1953, Ball met privately with HUAC investigator William A. Wheeler in Hollywood and gave him sealed testimony. She stated that she had registered to vote as a Communist “or intended to vote the Communist Party ticket” in 1936 at her socialist grandfather’s insistence.[62] She stated she “at no time intended to vote as a Communist”.

Ball stated she has never been a member of the Communist Party “to her knowledge” … [She] did not know whether or not any meetings were ever held at her home at 1344 North Ogden Drive; stated… [that if she had been appointed] as a delegate to the State Central Committee of the Communist Party of California in 1936 it was done without her knowledge or consent; [and stated that she] did not recall signing the document sponsoring EMIL FREED for the Communist Party nomination to the office of member of the assembly for the 57th District…

A review of the subject’s file reflects no activity that would warrant her inclusion on the Security Index.[63]

J. Edgar Hoover, then director of the FBI, named “Lucy and Dezi [sic]” among his “favorites of the entertainment world”.[64] Immediately before the filming of episode 68 (“The Girls Go Into Business”) of I Love Lucy, Desi Arnaz, instead of his usual audience warm-up, told the audience about Lucy and her grandfather. Reusing the line he had first given to Hedda Hopper in an interview, he quipped: “The only thing red about Lucy is her hair, and even that is not legitimate.”[65]

As the left capitulates to the right: see previous post

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