it’s time for succession

i’m for succession. but a novel, partially ‘virtual’ form of succession. no one need physically move. but there is a ‘geographical’ condition.

the ‘blue states’ succeed from the ‘red states’. but, all ‘blue state’ supporters living in ‘red states’ can ‘join’ the blue state union simply by paying their taxes in the blue state of their choice.

once they have signed up to that tax re-allocation plan, then they will receive all the rights of that state, including the right to vote, in that state.

and vice versa:

all red staters living in blue states can do the same, with the same transferability of state rights.

this form of succession also, of course, means that those willing to virtually succeed by remaining where they are, give up their state rights in their pre-succession states of physical residence.

once this reciprocal succession has taken place, the national government of the USA can be effectively abolished without firing a single shot, or in today’s military currency, without a single extra-judicial drone strike or international bombing coalition. of course, there will be a few details to work out: like, inter-blue/red union no fly zones and border controls. but these will be easily arranged because the absolute antipathy between blue staters and red staters will ensure a strict self-policing founded on their mutually equal absolute lack of desire to cross into each others territories. blue and red unions will provide physically resident members of their oppositely color-coded unions with passports to ensure them of their right to free mobiility, while simultaneously ensuring their own union’s security.

this form of succession would be though, literally, a kind of death – the final death of an obsolete form of democracy…

i say, final, because that death has been happening for a long time, since at least 1776… it’s amazing how long a death can take…

but it could be the birth of a new form.


it’s time for succession

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