the dirty three and/or the new dream machine

thanks to gun.

this track seems to follow on seamlessly from the previous few posts. somehow. a musical analogue of hydrant fire? discontinuity? problems with scrolling? north dakota pipeline protests? human-honeybee cross-pollination? the impossible possibility of diagramming our way in and/or out of pearodoxes? the necessity of trying? e.e.cummings and/or the gysin/burrough cut-up in shezad dawood’s new dream machine?

New Dream Machine Project, 2011, excerpt
Super 16mm transferred to HD, 15 mins.

Essay by Mark Bartlett, Synthesist Imaginary and Recyclage, pp. 59-87

Piercing Brightness: Shezad Dawood, Ed. Gerrie van Noord, inc. texts by Sam Thorne, Abdellah Karroum, Shumon Basar, Mark Bartlett & Jean Fisher, Koenig Books, London, 2012, ISBN 978-3-86335-146-5.

the dirty three and/or the new dream machine

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