Liuba, a performance intervention 2


The project started in 2006 with a preparatory research on the main religious beliefs and on the different ways of praying in the world.

LIUBA spoke with the Imam of a Mosque and went to pray with Muslim women; She talked about Jewish Religion and Prayer with the Rabbi of a Synagogue; she investigated the practice and the spirituality of Buddhism speaking with different people; she went to pray Zazen in a Zen Temple, she traveled to a Native Reserve in Quebec, Canada, to know more about North American Native Spirituality.

Then she worked with the Italian stylist Elisabetta Bianchetti to conceive of a special nun dress with multi-religious references and details. Looking carefully at the details, the dress is different from traditional religious clothing. It has been designed taking inspiration from the Renaissance Madonnas.

Performing in real life situations involves unpredictability of reactions and events. LIUBA had many kinds of reactions and interactions from people, many of them meditating about the performance’s meaning or being surprised about it.

LIUBA’s cameraman, Raymonda Gentile, was hidden to the public and recorded both the performance and people’s reactions.


Essay by mark bartlett to follow above.

Liuba, a performance intervention 2

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