a non-theory of this blog-2

Some of my readers/viewers have made the complaint that the only option for navigating my blog is to scroll up and down. that’s a legitimate complaint, in the context of social media, which often offers many other options for navigating a website.

but i want to ask: is scrolling up and down any different than turning the pages of a book? is the vertical necessity of scrolling up and down, any different than turning one page after the other of a book, left to right? and, is it possible that my insistence on scrolling up and down, as an analog of the recto/verso convention of book reading, a form of resistance to the amnesia effect of media in general? is it a problem that i might require some form of attention beyond the 30 second advert?

if i’m somehow ‘out of step’ by requiring some kind of in-depth attention span, then, fine.  do feel free to ignore my posts. in fact, i’d rather that those of you with short attention spans ignore my blog. i insist on it. how could any reader understand for example, the work of roman de salvo or sheila ghidini or candace mamarella, without putting them in the context of the entire written/visual/audio context of pearodox-provocateur? remember david goldberg’s diagram of complexity.


a non-theory of this blog-2

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