deleuze on the diagram

from his book, Foucault:

the diagram…
‘… it is the presentation of the relations between forces unique to a particular formation; it is the distribution of the power to affect and the power to be affected; it is the mixing of non-formalized pure functions and unformed pure matter… it is a transmission or distribution of particular features.’

‘…it is a diagram, that is to say a ‘functioning, abstracted from any obstacle… or friction [and which] must be detached from any specific use’. The diagram is no longer an auditory or visual archive but a map, a cartography that is coextensive with the whole social field. It is an abstract machine. It is described by its informal functions and matter and in terms of form makes no distinction between content and expression, a discursive formation and a non-discursive formation. It is a machine that is almost blind and mute, even though it makes others see and speak.’

thus the work of john roloff:

see –

for more readable images and a more in-depth  account of his deleuzian leibnizianism… his venice project is a new form of conceptual art. as is a great deal, if not all, of his work.


deleuze on the diagram

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